Super Soaker Teams Game

At a party today I had the greatest time wetting all my friends in a team soaking game! It was the best time I had in my life!!!!!!!!!!!! I will tell you how to play it in this easy game manual. It’s the perfect game to play in summer!  🙂

 What you need: One water gun for each person, a big space, 2 bases, something everyone can hide behind and a shield each. Make sure you are outside. A park is suggested or a beach or pool (but you can’t run there). Each team needs a refiller (a bucket of water- you can’t shoot anyone while they are refilling or if you are refilling)

Set-up: Get into even teams, girls against boys most likley. Pick one out of the two bases. Chose a reserve (i.e.if you want to have three people in each team and you have four, make one person the reserve. Each team needs a reserve). The reserves sit somewhere and watch, listen. The reserves REALLY need to pay attention to the game or they may lose the whole game for their team!

The basics: Once the teams choses a base they need to gather and have a meeting. You need to elect a leader. You can’t vote for yourself. Whoever gets the most votes wins. If it’s a hung vote the nominated leaders will have a talk in private to decide who should be the leader. The reserves need to be involved in this too! Then you have a meeting about what your plan is gonna be. The leader needs to aprove the ideas or come up with an overall plan. Then the reserves go sit in the reserves area with eachother.

The game begins!

1. In the meeting you need to plan when, how, where and what your tactics will be. Then it’s time to get into action!

2. You can lose life! That’s why counting is an essential part of this game. If you get soaked by the water pistol 20 times you have to drop on the floor and let go of the gun.

3. When you ‘die’ you can’t touch the gun- neither can your teamates! Man (or gal) down! The opposing team gets your gun. Oh no!

4. After one person ‘dies’ the reserve comes up and helps. If the reserve is down then the teams have to go back and discuss a new plan. The losing team need to plan how to get the soaker back. Then it’s time for them to get into the action!

5. The person that ‘died’ can’t help out and need to go to the reserve area. There is no reserve for the reserve. Also, the teams have a lifeline. If the reserve is sitting in the reserve area they can call on the reserve to help them. Each person can call the reserve once in each match. The reserve can only help for a minute (or an estimated mintue).

6. To get a lost player back in the game you need to get their soaker back. Then their health is full!

7. If all the players ‘die’ in one team then it’s time for a showdown. You can’t get anyone’s gun, you can’t walk over to the other team and you have to stay with your team. You have to hide behind the thing that you decided to hide behind and then it time for the showdown!

Showdown time!

1. Follow the rules as above. The teams can’t be too far away or too close. The water at least needs to reach the other team.

2. In a showdown, if you get hit 10 times you die. AND CAN’T GET BACK IN!

3. You can’t take the other teams guns even if you ‘kill’ a person in the other team.

4. Whichever team loses all there players in the showdown loses the whole game! The other team wins! 🙂

NOTE: In a showdown the reserves join the team fully. YAY!

Hope you like this game! Have fun and have a great spring and summer! ~nyree  🙂

Two of my fave models- Kikki Kannibal and Dakota Rose. :)

Two of my fave models- Kikki Kannibal and Dakota Rose. 🙂


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