Im in the mood for love and my true love is joshua smith!!he goes to gilmore and is a year 7!!!I LOVE HIM!!he goes out with meeee!!!!WOOP WOOP!!!he has red hair lol (ranga much?)LOL he has frekles all over and is sooooooo fridget we hug like 1 time a hes perfect for me!!!???!!??? =) ARE YOU IN LOVE???I KNOW I AM!!!


xoxo Zoey xoxo P.S. I ILY JOSH!!!A.K.A. FRECKLES!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3,3<3<3<3<3<3<3


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What’s been goin on…

So, first there’s threats of tsunami’s, then there’s hail stones the size of golf balls, then there’s threats of CYCLONES, and HUGE storms, floods, and REALLY hot weather.  It’s kinda scary thinking about what’s gonna happen next… MAYBE SNOW!!!! Well that doesn’t sound so scary… But I don’t think it will snow in Autumn 😉 Or at ALL!!!!! Today we had this stupid footy clinic thing… I came second out of the girls for kicking the furtherest on the last round!!! WOOP! I beat a whole bunch of boys… I think only 1 guy beat me and Kirsten. Chris beat us… But if anyone else did then I don’t know who. I went to sculpturs by the sea excursion a while ago… I got stuck in the toilets and then these girls passed me a thin piece of plastic to pick the lock and then when I got out I lost everyone! So I sat down and had a little look around. I saw some swimming teachers running through this thing that counts how many people go through. It was sooo funny. It was scary but I knew they would come soon, since I was near the just a little bit away from where our bags were. They did come eventually… And I enjoyed the rest of the excursion. Sort of… I hated making that stuff out of wire. It was ok to make the mini sculptures out of  paper clips that weren’t really meant to be anything…. But I sucked at the stupid wire sculpture… So I pretty much hated the whole excursion… I had no-one to hang with or talk to and I hated making those stupid sculpturs and no-one even noticed that I wasn’t with the group… But it was ok, I guess…

Bye 4 now but not 4eva… ~nyree

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Pet Tip #1

We will hav pet tips on here!!! Things u need 2 know && stuff. I hav a tip 4 u!!!! If u r buying pet food, try 2 avoid the cheapo stuff. Cos wen my cats hav the cheapo cat biscuits Cora throws it all up. good brands of cat food r wiskas. my cats lyk the purina ones but it make cora sick. if u need any help with pets then just tell us and we will put it up here! we will keep u posted on pet news and stuff and pet care tips and grooming blah blah blah…

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HELLO PPL!!!!!!!!!! sorry we havent posted in a while CUZ WE HAV NUTHING TO POST!!!!!!!! lolz……. i just want to say heyy AND MY CATS ARE SO CUTE. lol SUPERCALAFRAGALISTIKEXPIALALDOESHIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLAH BLAH BLAH DAH DAH DAH NA NA NA LA LA LA!!!!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER MY USENRAME IS XxNyree_NeonxX   bwahahahahahahahahahaha lolz so SEEEYYYYAAAA PEEPS

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Skool uniforms XD

Eva wondered why schools hav uniforms? I’ve had 2 wear a school uniform for MORE THAN 6 YEARS without knowing the reason why. I thought about it… Why do schools hav uniforms? They’ve always sed its 4 safety on excursions. Then why don’t they just make us wear it on excursions? It’s just rediculous really. They made that up. How can sum colours protect u??? The reason why they hav school uniforms is to get money for the school. It’s true. I know, I didn’t do any research but it’s true. I thought about how clothes can make you safe from strangers… They cant rlly 😐 It’s just rediculous. Why can’t they hav fundraising events lyk a bake sale or book fair or art gallery??? It’s stupid. What do you think?

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idk wat this is but i hav 2 try

TopOfBlogstop of blogs thingy. i’ve registered this blog in top of blogs. 😀 teehee

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I challenge you Zoey!

I challenge you to a challenge! LOLZIEZ! What you have to do is wear your shoes and tie the laces together. You have to make it to about recess time at school or longer. Make sure you keep us updated! Heh heh heh I’m evil… Try not to trip and good luck!

~NyReE!!!***** 😛

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A fashion page?

I’m thinking of making a fashion page. But what  do you think of  the of the idea of a fashion page?


Cause a SCENE

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hi i found out not travelling until 2020 maybe…so can stay abit longer!!!i wanna challenge!


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My challenge so far…

I bet you are all wondering how my challenge went? Well… I made it to 12:07!!!! But when I found out we had noodles I couldn’t resist eating some! Well I completed my challenge so YAY!!! I could’ve gone longer but I couldn’t survive if I didn’t have any noodles… LOL! (yeah I had noodles for breakfast).

Can’t wait for the next challenge! If you want to challenge us just comment on The Beezeeneez Blog Challenges page which will be here soon!!!


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