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This is the new fashion page! It will have mor than just fashion though. It will have style. Things to match you style and your interests. If their is anything that you want on here or if you have any cool sites you want to share or any suggestions then just tell us. You need your opnion.

Music Playlist at



Scene Not Heard!
Scene Not Heard! by ❤✿PaintHead featuring Forever21 shorts
* by ❤✿PaintHead featuring T by Alexander Wang t shirts
Neon Cloths
Neon Cloths by Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ_кιмι-ѕυє featuring Converse shoes
RaInBow Of CoLoR Tessblue!!...
RaInBow Of CoLoR Tessblue!!… by -justapieceofmymind. featuring Converse shoes
Chanel HK Shutter Shades Scene~xoxo
Chanel HK Shutter Shades Scene~xoxo by -justapieceofmymind. featuring Chanel
More stuff will be on here soon! Help out and comment and we will put things on here that match your style.

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