twitter username!!!

03/04/2010 ηγяεε ♥ηεςяσρнιℓε

i need 2 tell u tht i changed mah twitter username XD i changed it 2 xxNYREENUCLEARxx xxNYENUCLEARxx [[much betta!!! ikr]] o && if u ddnt know already, my kitteh [[morgana]] haz had kittehs!!!! && just recently, 1 of my mums friends took 1. they named him Tootles. hes 1 of the fluffy ones. there were 2 fluffy ones && 2 non-fluffy ones. we hav only 3 now. the 2 non-fluffies && the fluffy 1 :3 they r so cewt ^-^

~nyree ❤

p.s. i haz a new pic frm dw

i’m the girl furtherest 2 the rite!!! XD

P.P.S. i forgotzzz O.O it wazzz xxNYENUCLEARxx not xxNYREENEUCLEARxx cuz tht 1 wazz 2 long ;O

xoxo ~nyree <3


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