Happy Australia Day!

26/01/2010 ηγяεε ♥ηεςяσρнιℓε

Happy Australia Day! And if you are from American then help your Australian buddies celebrate (and we’ll help you celebrate independence day this year in July!).

Hmmm… Theres been news going around that people want a new Australian flag because Australia has become a more independent country and are nothing like our snobby brothers and sisters, the English. What will happen? Will there be a new Australian flag? I think we should get rid of the union jack, replace it with the aboriginal flag, change the background of the flag to green, maybe add some red and yellow and black (green and yellow are the colours of Australia but we need some colours to match the aboriginal flag too!), keep the southern cross but change the colours of the stars to yellow or something. Or maybe we could have something completly different… A sunset at the beach with a kangaroo and a rough sketch of bits of shadowed thongs (Americans call them flip flops) and the southern cross in the sky.

Ooooh! Have a look at what I found! It’s got the Australian colours and a kangaroo and the sourthern cross!

But really… Australia day is about the time the English settlers come to Australia. But Australia day should be more than that.  Lets celebrate the aboriginals, the english and us Australians. Why can’t we have a flag that has the union jack, the southern cross, a kangaroo, the aboriginal flag- why can’t we just have a big flag that combines that picture I showed you up there ^^ the Australian flag and the aboriginal flag? That’s very Australian!


Also, keep Austrlia tidy! Reduce- Reuse- Recycle! Be green and keep our country beautiful and keep it looking like the land of the green and the gold not the land of pollution and litter (like America). Enjoy these pictures about Australia coming up and Hi from my Koala, Lola (she’s a wildlife warriors toy). Be green!

Happy Australia Day EveryOne!!!!!!

P.S. I’m half aboriginal, half Australian!

We are one… But we are many. And from all the lands on Earth we come… We share our dreams. And sing with one voice! I am- you are- we are Australian… (I learnt this from choir in year 4- yes I can sing. I have more talents then just spelling)


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